What are the main differences between Wordpress and Kyvio

            Kyvio and WordPress both have their unique features, here is a comparison table with some general data!



            1. Kyvio is a complete all-in-one marketing system for your online business.

            1. WordPress is a CMS, which means various themes and plugins that fit your business need to be added.

            2. With Kyvio you pay once and don’t need to pay for any extra features.

            2. You need to buy new themes and plugins separately to add new features.

            3. With Insta suite you don’t need to hire a developer, we do all the dev tasks! You just configure and use.

            3. WordPress is a good platform, but in the long run, it creates many issues and incompatibility with other plugins and themes.

            4. We take care of all the security. Your business will be in safe hands 24/7.

            4. WordPress is more prone and vulnerable to hacking; you will be open to cyber attacks, DDOS, etc..

            5. Self-hosted, no unnecessary web hosting expenses.

            5. You need to either pay for hosting or use WordPress hosted version which offers limited features.

            6. Kyvio comes with a built-in Blog, funnel builder, membership builder, affiliate program, list builder and a support desk.

            6. You purchase every feature separately, except the blog feature. You are also required to pay $20 to $100 a month for the list builder alone!

            7. Get unlimited free support from us. We also have a community facebook group full with useful information, tips and tricks.

            7. Need to pay for support separately or to a higher developer.

            8. We relentlessly work on adding new features that you require and need.

            8. Be content with what you have or pay extra to get the new feature.

            9. Affordable compared to same features you get having WordPress.

            9.Far more costly to get all features on WordPress compared to what Kyvio offers.


            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 04:39 AM
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