Ticket form and Canned responses



            InstaSuite offers you the flexibility to customize the emails sent to the prospect or the customer using this section. This is designed so that you can use your own contents and make your emails personalized. It makes use of a WYSIWYG editor so you can further customize the content of the email by using specific formatting as desired. Furthermore, it contains merge tags to make the email personalized.


            • ○ Thank You Text. This email is received by the customer once a ticket has been successfully created and submitted to the support desk.
            • ○ Send Confirmation Email. The switch determines whether a customer should receive a confirmation email every time a new ticket is submitted through the web form or through email.
            • ○ Confirmation Email Text. This email will be sent to the customer only when the switch to Send Confirmation Email is turned on. Just like the thank you text, you can also customize the contents and formatting of the email according to your preference and further personalize it using the merge tags.





            Canned responses are one great feature the support desk has to offer. It allows you to create premade responses to frequently asked questions thereby saving the agent the time and effort to create a whole new feedback every time the same question is asked. To make it even more personalized, the system offers specific codes that you can integrate into every canned response so that information will automatically be populated on the locations where the codes were placed. It is an effective and efficient way to avoid errors where names or other information between clients are swapped over.


            1. To add a canned response, click the Canned Responses tab.
            2. Next, click the Add New button to trigger the window where all the necessary information for the canned response has to be added including the content of the canned response itself. Down the bottom, you will also notice the tags available for utilization so the system can properly pull up the unique information per customer.
            3. Once you got all information in place, click the Create Canned Response button to save.
            4. In the event that you would like to make changes to your canned responses, click the pen icon located on the far right column under the headingActions.
            5. To delete a canned response, simply click the trash icon that is just beside the pen icon

            Updated: 02 May 2018 04:05 AM
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