Themes and Promotion tools

            STEP #2: THEMES

            Click the Affiliate to expand options and then Step #2: Themes to select the theme you would like to apply to the affiliates section of the site.


            STEP #3: PROMOTION TOOLS

            Click the Affiliate to expand options and then expand again Step #3: Promotion Tools to select the create and update banners and swipes that affiliates can use in pursuing their campaign.




            • To add banners for your affiliate campaigns, click the Banners menu item under Step #3: Promotion Tools.
            • Click the Add a Banner button just beside the page title.

            • ○ Product. Select which product the banner is available for use.                                                                                                          
            • ○ Description. Supply this field with the appropriate description.
            • ○ Upload a Banner. Enter the complete URL of where you the banner image is being hosted. Or, use the browse button to open the media manager and use previously uploaded files or upload a new one from your computer.
            • ○ Enter URL To Banner Image. Enter in this field the complete URL to be embedded on the banner. 





            • Click Save button to save and create the banner.
            • Click the View Banner button to have a glimpse of the banner image.
            • Click the Edit button to edit the banner.
            • Click the Delete button to remove and delete the banner.



            • To add banners for your affiliate campaigns, click the Email Swipes menu item under Step #3: Promotion Tools.
            • Click Create an Email Template.

            ○ Product. Click the input field to select the product(s) that can make use of the email swipe
            • ○ Template Name. Give the email swipe a unique name for ease of identification.
            ○ Email Content. Enter the content promoting the product(s) on the email swipe.

            • Click the Save button to save and add the email swipe.
            • Click the View Email Swipe button to have a preview of the email swipe.
            • Click the Edit button to make changes to the email swipe.
            • Click the Delete button to delete and remove the email swipe.

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