Support desk - Front end


            The support desk frontend is accessible from the Kyvio backend through the following ways:


            • ○ Click the support desk menu item from the admin panel to expand options and click View Support Desk thereafter.
            • ○ The other option would be to expand the support desk menu item and click Step #1: Settings to open the support desk settings. Then click the link that is labeled: Your Help Desk URL




            1. To submit a ticket, click the support menu item from the site navigation.
            2. Once you are redirected to the support desk’s front page, click the Request a Ticket button to submit a new ticket entry.
            3. Once the button has been clicked, a popup window will be displayed where you need to fill in all fields with the relevant information.


            • ○ Name. This field should be supplied with the name of the prospect.
            • ○ Email. Enter a valid email address to be used in confirming that the ticket has been submitted as well as for further updates on the status and activities on the ticket such as replies sent by agents.
            • ○ Subject. The title of the concerns submitted. Be descriptive as much as possible.
            • ○ Department. For the concern to be properly addressed to the right department and in a timely manner, select the best department to respond to it.
            • ○ Message. The details of the concern should be entered here. Include as much as possible relevant links, information, and screenshots to further explain in detail the concern.
            • ○ Type. The specific category for the concern for it to be properly addressed.
            • ○ Priority. Select the urgency of the concern.






            1. Finally, click Create Ticket to submit. An email should be sent to the prospect with the corresponding ticket ID for reference on the status of the ticket as well as to reply for follow-ups or further information when necessary.



            ○ To check the status of the ticket, navigate to the site’s support desk
            ○ Next, click the Check Existing Ticket button and enter the ticket code you have been assigned

            Updated: 02 May 2018 04:07 AM
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