Manage Affiliates


            1. To add and manage affiliates, click the Affiliate menu item then Step #4: Manage Affiliates.
            2. Click Add New to manually add affiliates to the system. Supply the basic details of the affiliate including the PayPal email on the designated fields.

            • ○ Payment Settings. Use the drop-down to select an available payment method for the affiliate.
            • ○ Referring Affiliate. Use the drop-down to select any referring affiliate. Otherwise, keep the option to the default value as none.
            • ○ Status. Select whether the status of the affiliate as active or inactive.
            • ○ Ready for Payout. Tick the checkbox if the affiliate added is ready for payout.





            3. Click Submit to save the new affiliate.
            4. To edit an affiliate’s information, click the name of the affiliate or the pen icon.
            5. To delete an affiliate, click the trash icon.

            Updated: 2 days ago
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