SMTP setup


            STEP #1: SMTP SETUP

            The first step in running your own list building system is to set up the email that will be used in sending messages to your subscribers.


            1. Click the List Builder menu item to expand options then click Step #1: SMTP Setup next.


            • ○ Default SMTP. From the drop-down, select the default SMTP to handle the email messages. You can add more options by integrating third-party applications in the Integration page.
            •  Default From Name. Enter the name that will be shown to the recipient of email as the sender when email is received.
            •  Default From Email. Enter the email where the message is sent from and where subscribers can reply to.
            •  Allow unsubscribers to re-subscribe to the same list. Tick the checkbox to enable users that previously unsubscribed to be able to subscribe to the same list.
            •  Block "Role-Based" email address from subscribe. Tick the checkbox to prevent email addresses that has roles saved on the system to be subscribed from any list.
            •  Blacklist Email Address. Enter email addresses you would like to prevent from sending or receiving email addresses. Enter email address per line.
            •  Blacklist domain. To prevent emails based from the blacklisted domain names to send and receive emails to the system.

            •  Blacklist IP address. Enter a list of IP address per line of which you would like the system not to send or receive emails.

            Click the Save button to update email settings and proceed to Step #2: Create List

            Updated: 23 Jan 2018 05:53 AM
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