STEP #5: SEND MESSAGES

            Kyvio has 2 means to send messages to subscribers. The first is to send out broadcast emails to all or a specific list of subscribers. And the other is by setting up an email sequence that is sent to your subscribers at a specific, defined time interval.




            1. To create a broadcast email, click the List Builder menu item to expand options.
            2. Click Step #5: Send Messages to expand options and click Broadcasts next.
            3. Click the Add New button to set up a new broadcast email.
            •  Recipient List(s). Click the input field to select the lists to receive the broadcast emails.
            • ○ Select From Template. Use the drop-down to select previously created email templates to automatically populate the subject and content fields or leave it to default to enter your own subject and contents.
            • ○ Under the Schedule tab, select from the drop-down when the broadcast email is to be sent. You have the option to send it immediately or set up a specific schedule.


            1. Once all necessary settings and details are in place, click the Save button to send the email or schedule it to be sent.
            2. To manage broadcast emails, simply click the Edit button to make changes or the Delete button to remove it from the list of messages especially if the purpose of it has already been served.





            1. To create sequence emails, click the List Builder menu item to expand options.
            2. Click Step #5: Send Messages to expand options and click Sequences next.
            3. Click the Add New button just beside the page title.

            • ○ List. Use the drop-down to select which subscribers of a list shall receive the email sequence.
            • ○ Name. A unique name that will describe the email sequence.
            • ○ Description. A brief description of what the email sequence is about.

            Submit button to create the email sequence.
            • ○ Click the name of the sequence or eye icon to start adding email sequences.
            • ○ Click Add New Step or Create New button to add your first email sequence.
            • ○ When to Trigger. Enter a number that is equivalent to day(s) that passed after subscription. Setting it to 0 will trigger the message to send automatically.
            • ○ Subject. The subject or title of the email

            • .  
            •  Email Content. The contents of the email. Use merge codes to make it more personalized.
            • ○ Click Save Step to save the email sequence and proceed to add more repeating the same steps.






            Click the pen icon to update the basic information of the sequence and the trash icon to delete it.
            Updated: 30 Nov 2017 09:27 PM
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