One of the features that Kyvio offers is its built-in support desk that is designed with robust features to cater the needs, questions, and concerns of your clients at the comfort of your system.


            STEP #1: SETTINGS

            1. Click the Support Desk menu item from the left panel to expand the available options then click Step #1: Settings.
            2. The settings page will display your support email address and your support desk URL. In addition to that, settings are categorized through tabs for easy navigation and access to the following:


            • a. Agent. Contains options to add and manage agents taking part on the support desk.
            • b. Departments. Enables the creation and management of different departments on the support desk responsible in addressing specific concerns raised by clients.
            • c. Tags. Can be a word or a combination of words that adds more context on tickets that you can later use to browse through tickets that share the same tag for easy reference.
            • d. General Settings. Contains the core settings that controls the support desk.
            • e. Ticket Form. This is where you can edit the thank you and confirmation emails sent to the clients when creating and submitting tickets on the support desk.
            • f. Canned Responses. This section is where you can create a premade response that you can conveniently used in addressing customers’ frequently asked questions

            Updated: 02 May 2018 04:03 AM
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