Managing tickets

            1. To manage submitted tickets, expand the support desk menu item from the left admin panel and click All Tickets if you are logged in on the site as admin.
            2. If you are logged in as a staff, from the dashboard, scroll down and click the Manage Support button under the Support Desk section to open the ticket page.
            3. Once inside the All Tickets page, you will see a list of open tickets by default. To navigate on other tickets with pending or closed status, simply click the corresponding tab with the status label. Additionally, each tab contains a counter that lists the number of tickets that is under it.
            4. You may also sort or search tickets according to the agent or department assigned as well as through a keyword by means of the search bar.
            5. To respond to a ticket:


            • a. Click the tickets subject to open the ticket.
            • b. Click the reply link to respond to the ticket. Use the WYSIWYG editor to format responses accordingly. Note that the add note link is intended for the agent or the team’s use as a reference of any important information or details worth noting and will not be visible from the customer’s end.
            • c. Click the Insert Canned Response to add premade responses that are appropriate to the inquiry. Or edit it as necessary.
            • d. Review the response and click Reply to submit.




            6.To manage the status of the ticket:


            • a. Click the tickets subject to open it.
            • b. On the rightmost part of the page are sections that are grouped together according to the information each section contains.
            •    • Ticket Status. Contains the current status of the ticket as well as the date when it is due. To change the due date of the ticket, click the Change link and modify as necessary.
            •    • Requester Info. Includes the information of the user who submitted the ticket.
            •    • Ticket Properties. Contains fields that the agent can modify to update the urgency of the matter, change the status of the ticket, change the department where it is designated, the agent assigned to it and the type of issue where it is categorized.
            •     Tags. Use the text field to assign tag(s) to the ticket. Tags you have previously created will automatically show as you type. Optionally, you can type custom tags of your choice.
            • c. Once all the necessary status updates on the ticket has been set, make sure that you click the Update button to apply the changes before leaving the page.
            • d. Finally, hit the Back link to return to the All Tickets page and resume managing tickets.






            7.To delete a ticket, simply click the trash icon. Note that once deleted, it will be completely be removed from the database so proceed with caution

            Updated: 02 May 2018 04:06 AM
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