Mailvio Dashboard

            In this video, we will be giving you a walkthrough of your Mailvio Dashboard, we will show you where everything is located and what you need to do to get around. 
            When you log into Mailvio, you'll see a dashboard. 
            Mailvio is first and foremost a marketing email platform, whether that is affiliate marketing, CPA marketing, or any other product marketing that you're doing.
            So when you log in, you'll see the campaigns, dashboard, automation, and maybe transactional and contacts.

            a) Campaigns is where you see all the information about your current campaigns, which are broadcast campaigns,
            b) Automation is where you see information about the workflow automations that you can set up.
            c) Within contacts, you will see all the lists you have as well as all the contacts you have.
            Updated: 05 Nov 2019 11:02 PM
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