Kyvio Workshop Series - "How to Optimize Kyvio pages for SEO" - Part 5 Rec. on 19th June 2018

            This is the 5th of our 9 part webinar series. And this webinar is all about the SEO aspect of your Kyvio pages

            - Always put external javascript in the footer. And not too much
            (yes this matters for SEO, load speed is also SEO)

            - Don't keyword stuff your URL.
            If your main keyword is already in your domain do NOT also put it in your slug

            - Same goes for page title. You can put a SEO keyword / phrase there but NOT if it is already in your URL

            - Max title size about 80 characters
            Write it so people want to click on it! CTR is mega important in search results.
            The higher the higher your ranks

            - Manage bounce rates. For landing pages harder but the lower the bounce rate the better for SEO (relevancy)

            - Bit more technical but Google likes a good content vs code ratio. So if your page is content poor (little text) the ratio will be poor and it will affect SEO. So what you can do is at bottom of the page put some longer quality and relevant text (don't keyword stuff either of course)

            - Fill out your keyword in Page options. Not very important at all but all little things help the idea

            - Use plenty of margins (whitespace) between elements. This is important for mobile view and Google is able to detect this and it will help SEO and usability

            - do NOT load your page with more than 2 non-native fonts (e.g. google fonts)
            These slow down your site a LOT

            - Make sure to optimize images and make them small. Big bg image <200kb max and normal images <50kb

            - we are already faster than CF, but we are working on the next Kyvio 2.0 which will be MUCH MUCH faster.

            Updated: 21 Jun 2018 10:40 PM
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