Kyvio Media Manager

            The Kyvio media manager allows you to upload different files that you can call up for use as necessary such as embedding images in your pages.

            • The media manager is accessible by clicking the gear icon at the top panel of the dashboard. 

            • There are three options available once, inside the Media Manager. The first option is the File Manager, where you can search through all of your uploaded files, next is the New Folder button, which allows you to create a new folder or create a folder within a folder (
               ), and finally the Search bar 

            1. You can open the Uploader for the media manager by clicking on its name on the top left portion of your screen
            2. Once inside you can choose to upload files from within your computer, by selecting them and clicking on the "open" button
            3. Or you could simply drag and drop files from your computer directly onto the Uploader page

            Finally, you are able to delete or view the properties of any of your uploads by simply clicking on them:

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