Knowledgebase Articles


            1. To add a new knowledge base entry/article, click the New Article button just beside the knowledge base page heading.
            2. You should then be taken to the New Article page where you will have to enter all the relevant information for the article.


            •  a.Title. This field has to be supplied with the title or question of the knowledge base. Be specific as possible as this is the main heading that the system will be used when displayed on the frontend.
            •  b. Slug. Use this field to define the URL of the article. The system will automatically generate one should this field be left empty.
            •  c. Content. Enter the answer or the information in this field that would address the question or the title of the article. Use the WYSIWYG editor to apply custom formatting to the contents when necessary.
            •  d. Status. Determines whether the page should be published and go live on the frontend or set it as a draft for further edits at a later date.
            •  e. Preview. Allows you to have a glimpse of how the article looks on the frontend.                                                                                                
            •  f. Submit. Applies and saves the status of the article.
            •  g. Department. Select from the dropdown the appropriate department that the article should fall under for easy reference. Should no department you appropriate department that it should belong to, click the Create Department button to create one.
            •  h. Tags. Use the text field to assign tag(s) to the article. Tags created will automatically show as you type. Optionally, you can type custom tags.






            3. Make sure to click the Submit button before leaving the article editor to make sure the changes you made are applied


            1. To manage knowledge base articles, start by clicking the Support Desk menu item so to expand the sub-items then select knowledge base.
            2. A summary of all created articles should then be displayed.
            3. To view the article, click the View button which will open the article in a new tab or window.
            4. To edit an article, click on the title of the article or click the Edit button when you hover over the row where the article is listed.
            5. To remove the article from the frontend, you can either click the Draft button to change the status of the article to draft. Or, click the Move to Bin button to completely remove the article from the database.
            6. Note that you can also do bulk actions on your articles. Simply check on the checkboxes preceding the titles of the article than on the topmost part of the table, select which bulk action you want to implement then hit the Apply button

            Updated: 02 May 2018 04:06 AM
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