How to transfer leads from Kyvio to ActiveCampaign with tags using Zapier

            1. Create the respected lists within Kyvio and ActiveCampaign, give them the same name to reduce confusion when setting up

            2. Create a Zapier account, if you already have one, then log in and prepare to create the trigger and the action

            3. Choose Kyvio as a trigger:

            • Choose the trigger to be when a person subscribes/a new lead is added to a list

            • Choose your Kyvio account, and connect it through the API it provides

            • Go to your Kyvio account and add a Zapier integration. It will only require for you to add a name to the integration and it will generate an API key for you which you can copy and place inside the zap

            • Place the API code to connect Kyvio with Zapier:

            • Next, choose the email list that you have created in Kyvio to be the one that will send the subscribers to your ActiveCampaign Account

            • The next step will require for you to “pull in a sample”. While Zapier is trying to pull in a sample from your list, you will have to go and manually add a subscriber to your Kyvio list

            4. Choose ActiveCampaign as an Action

            • Select the Create/Update contact option

            • For the next step, you will need to go to ActiveCampaign ---- > Settings -----> Developers, and copy both of the codes provided:

            • Place the codes to connect the Zap to your ActiveCampaign

            • For the next step, you will have to choose your ActiveCampaign List, the name and email fields, as well as all of the tags you want to associate with this specific list. You will have to add them as per the example: old users, new users, old and new ( basically a “tag,” format

            • And finally- Simply test the setup and you’re done!

            Updated: 18 Jan 2019 04:36 AM
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