How to setup custom bounce email address for Kyvio (increase deliverability)

            To track (hard/soft) bounces and spam complaints about emails sent with Kyvio - Smart Mailer we add a special header to each email to make sure the notifications get to our system.

            There are however a few (mostly European) providers that see this email address as the sender in their system (although it is NOT). And if this sender is then not verified as a sender in their system they will refuse to actually send the email.

            For other less strict systems it might still affect your deliverability a bit so we created a solution for this:

            Go under your Smart Mailer module, and click on the SMTP setup button -  Set Email for confirmation code:

            1. On your custom domain that you are using for your Kyvio site and also as the sender in Smart Mailer ( your From email ) you will need to create an email forwarding like this:
   This email then forwards all emails to 

            Email forwarding guide for: Zoho, cPanel, Plesk
            Also some popular DNS registers: Namecheap, GoDaddyNameSile

            2.  In the next step, you will have to provide your email provider, it could be either Zoho or some other provider, in which case you will have to provide your bounce email as well as who is your email provider.

            After you click on the submit button, if you have set up the previous parts correctly, you will receive an email with a confirmation code: 

            You can use this code to verify the forwarding within your email provider:

            3. And finally, after you have verified your forwarding simply click on the "Forward setup is complete " button, within the email marketing module:

            Please note, that if you haven't set the bounce email correctly SmartMailer will not send any emails out, so please make sure to set it up correctly or remove the bounce email altogether.

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