How to set up a ThriveCart bump offer in Kyvio

            Before you can set up a bump offer inside your products, you need to integrate ThriveCart itself, to see how to do that click HERE

            After you have finished your integration, you will be able to select ThriveCart within the Payment option for your Membership products here:

            Your next step is to set up the Prices/Levels of your product, i.e. where the bump offer is available

            Once you have chosen a payment option, you will need to select "Thrivecart Bump offer" as the Pricing Type 

            You can either choose a different pricing level for the same product for a bump offer or choose a different product within your smart membership as the bump offer

            1. If you choose a "New product level", a new pricing level will be created for that specific product.

            You can configure it by going to "Step5: Content" where you will notice a new pricing category called "TC Bumber Offer Access"

            There you can configure the access level for your Thrive Cart bump offer.

            2. If you have chosen the "Another product" option, you will be able to choose which one of your products to set as the bump offer

            And once you have set your prices/levels your checkout page will include your bump offer as well


            Updated: 19 Sep 2019 07:36 PM
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