How do I integrate ProductDyno into my Kyvio account?

            Using this integration you can allow your ProductDyno members to be able to log into your Kyvio Smart Membership with the same credentials without manually adding them as members in Kyvio.

            You can also choose which product these specific members will be able to see in your Kyvio membership area.

            Of course you already have Smart Memberships you can use, but with this, you can house a lot of your products in ProductDyno. 

            And here is how you can integrate ProductDyno into your Kyvio account:

            Click to add a new integration and select ProductDyno:

            Next you will have to fill out the required info:

            1. Add your integration name and the Product Dyno API KEY

            2. Then you will have to add the product ID of your specific ProductDynod product or products. Meaning every member within your ProductDyno membership that owns that product, will be able to log into Kyvio with the same Login credentials as he uses for ProdyctDynom. Essentially creating an automating membership within Kyvio with the same login credentials:

            You can locate the your ProductDyno ID here:

            Then, you will need to allow those members to login to Kyvio as well, and you will choose which products and pricing levels they will be able to see once they log in to Kyvio. You can provide the one, some or all products available within your account:

            And then simply save the integration and you're done!

            The end result looks like this :

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