How to integrate Kyvio with Zapier

            To be able to use Zapier with Kyvio, you need to first set it up in our Kyvio integrations.

            Once you are logged in to your Kyvio account, simply click on your profile name in the upper right corner, a drop-down menu will appear with a couple of options, if you want to connect any outer Application, you will need to select Integrations.

            Now, when we are in the integrations part, you need to click on new integrations, the green button in the upper right corner, below your profile name, from there a PopUp will appear

            And from there we need to search for Zapier in the provider part of the popup, and when we find it and select it, we need to click on the Generate Token button that will appear.

            Then we need to copy that token and go to our Zapier account and create the first Trigger with Kyvio.

            To do that, in your Zapier account, click on create a new Zap, as an App choose Kyvio, choose one of the triggers that are existing and click save + continue, in there you will see a button that says connect to an account, click on it, a popup window will appear, where it will prompt you for an API key, you will copy the one that is generated in your Kyvio account and paste it in the input field specified as API Key.

            Now click on Save + Continue where it will prompt you to map your Lists that you have previously created in your Kyvio account.

            Choose a list that you want your Zap to take care of and click on Continue.

            In the next Step, you can choose to test the integration, by adding a new subscriber to your list.
            Now the Trigger part is finished, we need to set up an Action now.
            •       Set up Action

            For the action part of Zapier, you can choose to integrate with various Apps that are already existing in Zapier, and you can also choose the built-in apps, or you can even integrate directly with Kyvio.

            After you choose the desired App to integrate with, you will need to choose the action that you want to trigger.

            After you have chosen the Action, such as perhaps, add subscriber to a list in ActiveCampaign, or create a new SpreadSheet row etc, you will need to fill out the template that is previously created, and after that you can get to test to see if the integration works, if that passes just click on Continue, and you will get to name your first Zap with Kyvio after that.

            Updated: 20 Oct 2018 05:28 PM
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