How to Add Contacts/Subscribers?

            To import contacts/subscribers you will need to navigate to the contacts menu in the header navigation.

            From there you will be forwarded to another panel where you will see two ways of adding contacts.

            No1. Add Contacts Manually

            1.1. You may add contacts manually. This method allows you to add new contacts one by one. For a large import, we suggest you use the import or copy/paste methods.

            No2. Bulk Import Contacts

            When importing contacts, you can choose between two options, upload a file or Copy/Paste from a .xls file.

            2.1 Importing from CSV/TXT

            Most Mailvio users prefer this import method. You may import your contact list formatted as a CSV or TXT file.

            Most website CMS (Prestashop, WordPress, etc.) and CRM solutions (Pipedrive, SalesForce, etc.), allow you to download your contact list as a CSV file. Typically, you may import this file directly into Mailvio. Or, you may download our sample import file, add your contacts to the sample, and import this file. 

            2.2 Copy/Paste method

            To add contacts via the Copy/Paste method you can simply copy your subscribers from your .xls file or a .txt file, make sure they are comma-delimited and paste them in the desired place.

            Updated: 10 Oct 2019 02:26 AM
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