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            How to add and use the Social media feature inside the visual editor?

            Assuming you are already inside Kyvios visual editor, you can add a social media link to your page by simply following the instruction on the Image down below:

            Add Elements-->--Social-->--Choose the type of images you want to show  --->--- Then drag them and place them on your page, you can hover over your page and see where the social media image/links will be dropped, indicated by the light pink color on the picture. 

            After you have done so, click on the social bar settings button 

            From here you can configure and add your social media links as well as add/remove additional ones to the default ones. On top of that, you can change their positioning, margins, spacings and the style of the icons that are displayed.

            Updated: 13 Jun 2018 03:33 AM
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