How do I track my sequence and broadcasting emails?

            We offer the super useful ability to track your sequence and broadcasting emails data as well as other cool feature that we are proud of, such as unique opens by country, unique clicks per URL and more.

            To track your emails simply follow these easy steps below:

            1. Click on the Smart Mailer in the dashboard and select Sequences, then click on the sequence you wish to track.




            2. Click on the "Report" button right under the step of the sequence you wish to track.

            3. Click on the "Spam score" button to check whether is email is considered as a "spam"


            In the Report option we have the full report which we're gonna breakdown to you in three parts:

             -:Campaign stats: which will provide information about the number of recipients, opened emails, unopened emails, clicks, unsubscribes, bounced and marked as spam 

             - Second and third part are: link activity and country tracking which is very useful to track for further market research and data analysing.


            Updated: 17 Feb 2019 04:42 PM
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