How do I setup a Front/Home page for my site?

            This is a short guide on how to set one of your Kyvio Funnel Pages as your front page. What this means is that you can choose what page will be on display when someone enters in their browser

            1. Simply click on the little arrow next to your current site name and click on Edit Site 

            While you have clicked on "Edit" for your site, you will have an option to set a Front page for it. Meaning when someone browses they will be directed to the front page you have selected here. 

            The option to select a front page will be available once you have created pages within your Smart Funnels module. What this means is that you can choose any published page within your Smart funnel as your site's Frontpage.

            If you have yet to create any page within your Smart Funnels module, there will be no options for you to set a Front page for your site.

            Note: All of your sites can have their own Frontpage, and it can be changed whenever. Meaning can have a different front page then

            Click on the Save Site Settings and you're done! :) 
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