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            How do I set a specific hover color for my Smart Funnels button?

            Kyvio currently does not have the ability for a hover color change right of the bat, but there is a way on to do it using some CSS code that we will be providing.

            1. The first thing you would need to do is open up your Smart Funnels page with the visual editor by clicking on the pencil icon on your page:

            2. Once you are inside the page, right click on your button, and click on inspect element. After which you will have to copy the ID of the button presented in the code.

            The code that you need to copy looks something like this: isb_CqaB2Bpt

            3. Then open the Options menu for the page, go to Scritp/Tracking doe, Header, and add the following code inside:

            #buttonID a.isb-button:hover
            background-color:purple !important; 
            opacity: 0.2!important;

            Depending on what hover color to be added, you can change it here:

            4. Finaly paste the button code we copied earlier and add it to the CSS code, and do not forget to add the <style> tag at the begining and at the end of your code:

            And you're done, you have made the hover color for your button the color of your choosing:

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