How do I link Kyvio Products with WSO PRO Standard/Advance payment processor?

            To successfully link your products with WSO PRO Standard/Advance payment processor, please follow the instructions below:


            1. Go to membership products and click on the edit icon of the product you want to integrate with Warrior+Plus. Select WSO PRO standard/advanced as a payment option.




            2. Now, click on Step 3: Prices/Levels tab. Select a pricing or create new one.You should be able to see a form showing your integration with WSO PRO Standard, asking your to supply your WSO product name and IPN URL.



            3. Enter the exact name of your product in your Warrior+Plus account.




            4. Also copy the IPN URL from your Kyvio product settings(step#3) and paste it on Product Settings/edit page in your Warrior+Plus account.







            5. As a delivery URL, you can add any link you want (Though we recommend to add a thank you page with instruction to access the product). The user’s login credentials will be sent via email, enabling him access to the membership portal containing the product. When manual registration is enabled, Kyvio will provide and show the delivery URL on the product's pricing settings.



            To get more details as to how to create a product with WSO, please check WSO Knowledge base or check their tutorials:

            Updated: 28 Dec 2018 05:43 AM
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