How do I integrate Thrive Cart with Kyvio?

            Integrating ThriveCart is relatively easy, please follow the following steps:



            1. Go to the Integration page and click on the New Integration button:



            2.  Choose a name for the integration and select ThriveCart as a provider:




            3. Now, login to your ThriveCart account and go to Settings » API and Webhooks » ThriveCart API.

            Copy the secret word and paste it on Secret Word field. This part is very important, please check these screenshots from Thrive API area and Kyvio integration area below:
                 A. Thrive API Area:





            B. Kyvio Integration Area


            4. Then, click SAVE.
            Once you enter the Secret Code from your Thrive account, Kyvio will generate a unique IPN/INS/Webhook URL.


            5. Copy the IPN/INS/Webhook URL and login to your ThriveCart account > Settings > API & Webhooks > Webhooks & notifications. Choose any name and paste it on the Webhook URL field and SAVE.


            Once you are done with the Integration. Please check below on how to integrate your ThriveCart to each product you create, inside your Kyvio Membership area.

            add the product on Kyvio's Membership Builder, then add the same product on ThriveCart. To do this please check below:


            1. Go to Kyvio Membership Builder

            2. Setup Product(s) - Please check our tutorial page for complete details on how to set-up your product


            3. Click on the edit icon of the product you want to integrate with ThriveCart.



            4. Click on Step 2: Payment Options and select ThriveCart, then click Update Product:
            5:  Select the third step :  Prices/Level

            Add ThriveCart account Name and ThriveCart product name as you've done in ThriveCart.


            NOTE: It should be the exact same name of your product that is saved in your ThriveCart account.
            Otherwise, the integration will not be successful.


            6. Last but not least, check under "Success URL" field in ThriveCart » product, and you can link any URL you see fit. We usually recommend a Thank you page with instructions on how to access the product and URLs for login credentials.



            When a user makes a purchase on ThriveCart (The purchase link can be retrieved from ThriveCart, it will not show on Kyvio. (Please check
            below). However, they would still be able to receive a confirmation email with their password, username
            login link.



            You can also add instructions on your success page or thank you page so that your customer would know what to do in case they missed receiving the confirmation email.

            Updated: 30 Jan 2019 08:19 AM
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