How do I integrate Kyvio with Stripe?

            To integrate your Stripe payment gateway with your Kyvio account, please check the following steps.


            1. Go to the Integration page and click on the New Integration button:



            2. Once you click the new integration button, you have an option to specify which provider you would like to integrate with - select Stripe under the direct payment option.




            3. Name your Stripe integration (whatever name you would like to use). Then, supply your STRIPE - Secret key and Publishable key. These token keys can only be obtained inside your STRIPE account.





            4. Once you have successfully added your Secret key and your Publishable key to your Kyvio account, Your Webhook Kyvio URL will be generated; you need in order to activate your Stripe Integration.




            5. Look for the webhook option in your Stripe account, then add your Webhook URL.





            6. You are now all set for your Kyvio- Stripe Integration.  But just to make sure your integration is successful please check back under the integration section to verify if your integration has been added to the lists, or you've missed something and have an error.





            - How to get or generate your unique Kyvio Stripe BUY URL

            1. Go to your Membership settings and jump to Step #2 and edit specific product.



            2. Once you click on the edit product icon, jump to Step #2 and make sure that you can check the Stripe payment option. Hit the Update product button

            3. Go to Step #3: Prices/Levels, and from here you should get the unique Stripe buy button on this particular product that you've created.


            -BONUS Stripe Checkout Pages Video:


            Updated: 26 Aug 2019 01:26 AM
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