How do I integrate Kyvio with SendGrid?

            To make a successful integration with SendGrid, please follow the instructions below:



            1. Go to the Integration page and click on the New Integration button:


            2. Click on New Integrations » Choose a name for the integration » Select SendGrid as a provider:

            3. Input your SendGrid API key which you can find in your SendGrid account under Settings » API keys:

            While creating your API, please note that there are 2 ways of doing this, you can use allow full access or selecting the ones pointed via arrow

            After creating your API key, please remember to copy it! Becuase you will not be able to re-copy it once it has been fully created

            And use that API key within the integrations window inside your Kyvio account 

            Your integration with SendGrid should be complete! 

            To avoid getting selected for an additional checkup by Sendgrid, which can be very troubling. Please follow these guidelines:

            1. Avoid using Gmail/yahoo/live/Hotmail etc.. - get a professional email, you already have your site

            2. Make sure your landing pages have a disclaimer and other legal requirements.

            3. If selected, be honest when asked about sending frequency
            and volume of emails that you plan to send out.

            4. Do not call it affiliate marketing offers or anything similar, that is mostly prohibited by all SMTP providers - name it marketing emails, which in reality is true.

            Time to start mailing!

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