How do I delete the split testing variations I have made for my pages?

            In order to delete a variation that has been previously created you will need to follow these simple steps:

            First, go to your Smart funnels, open up the funnel where your page variation is set, and finally click on the edit button for your particular page where you variation is set 

            If you cannot seem to locate the page where you have set up your variation, there is a split testing indicator, where it shows which page has split testing and which page does not 

            After you have opened up your page by clicking on the Settings button, a window popup will appear with a couple of more tabs on, which will allow you to change the general settings of the page, split testing, goal tracking, and you can also set up a cost and a budget for that particular page. For the purpose of deleting a variation, we need to go to Split Tests tab.

            Once we are there, we will be able to see all of our variations, with the name of the variation, number of clicks, conversion, conversion rate, revenue, status and actions with the possible options to edit, pause or delete a variation, and if we want to delete that particular variation all we need to do is click on the bin icon.

            Updated: 16 May 2018 07:34 AM
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