How do I create my first product?

            In order to create your product you first need to follow these steps:

            After you have clicked on the Smart membership module under your dashboard go to:

            From here you can create your product. 

            1. You can set a name for your product 
            2. A description
            3. The currency for it ( this cannot be changed after you have created the product)
            4. Pick a sales page that you have created within SMart funnels for your product. ( you can create and pick the sales page even after you have created your product)
            5. You can choose a custom Thank you page URL once someone has purchased your product ( you can create this page within your Smart Funnels and link its URL here)
            6. Toggle this to see the progress of your members
            7. Toggle this to show the quiz score on the module page of your product.
            8. You can upload an image and set it as your product image
            9. From here you can enable account upgrades from one price level to another for a customer. Note: this is only available for PayPal and Stripe.

            Next, you can set the status of your product, as well as set a contact support link where your customers can email to know more about the product or contact you for further information. 

            And then simply click on the "Next" button

            The second step of your product creation is the Payment options.

            From here you can select which payment options you would like to be used when someone is trying to purchase your product. Note: you will have to have these payment gateways integrated with you Kyvio account in order for them to work.

            After you have done so, click on the "Next" button

            The last step of creating your product is to set Pricings and levels for it, this can be done even after you have created your product. Click here to see how you can do so.

            And then simply click on " create product" and you're done. Now its time to edit your products contents and change anything that you might not have inputted beforehand.

            Updated: 14 Mar 2018 10:32 PM
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