How do I create an email list?

            To create an email list in Kyvio, you will need to follow these few simple steps:


            To start building a list, click the Smart Mailer menu item to expand options then click List Manager


            Inside the List Manager page, you should see a summary of previously created lists. Click the Create List button beside the page title to proceed in creating a list.

            Email list name: Enter the name of the list.

            From Name: Enter the name to be displayed on the email client of the recipient as the sender.

            From email address: Enter the email address that the recipient of the email can send a response and receive messages.

            Description: Optional field that should contain a short description or details of the list.

            Email Signature: Use the WYSIWYG editor to create a custom signature appended to every email that is sent to the subscribers.

            Email Address to be notified: If you choose the option to be notified when someone subscribes to the list, enter the email address you wish the notification to be sent to.
            List Fields: Choose what input fields you want the list to contain.



            Click Save Settings button to save and add the list.
            To view the subscribers in the list click the Subscribers button

            To manage lists, click the Edit button to make or update changes on the list.

            Click Delete button to remove.

            Updated: 16 Feb 2019 01:02 AM
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