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            How do I create a scrolling/sticky video inside your Kyvio page ?

            What is a sticky video?
            A video that you put somewhere on your page, then when the user plays the video and decides the scroll down making the video disappear from the viewport in the browser the video instead of disappearing will move to either right or left side of the page in a small frame hovering above all content to always have it visible.

            In order to do the same with your videos on a Kyvio page we created this guide for you in just two steps.

            Step 1:
            Lets go and open our page editor for the page where you want your sticky video

            Smart Funnels---------------> Open the desired Funnel -----------------> And open up your page with the Edit button

            Step 2
            After doing so all you need to do next, is to add your video on your page and just select the "Make video sticky" option.

            (Or simply select that option on your existing video)

            After you have done all of this, simply click on the save button and preview your page, after playing your video, and when you are scrolling down on the page, your video will follow you along.

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 02:33 AM
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