How do I connect MarketHero lists with our Kyvio opt-in forms/pages?

            To successfully connect MarketHero with your Kyvio opt-in forms, please follow the instructions below:

            1. First, create an Kyvio page and add an opt-in form. (Please refer to our Video tutorials on how to build Kyvio pages - Outdated

            2. Assuming that you already have the page and an opt-in form in it, click on the OPT-IN FORM settings.




            3. Once you're inside your OPT-IN FORM settings, make sure that you supply all the information needed accordingly and take note of the name of the form. You will find these settings up in the buttons settings in Step#5.



            4. After your Form Setting is finished, go to the button settings to configure your button with the form you have just created.



            5. Once inside the button settings, go directly to the Action tab, and fill in the necessary information required.



            6. When done, make sure to hit the save button and then publish.


            Updated: 21 Feb 2018 07:57 PM
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