How do I clean inactive subscribers from my SmartMailer lists?

            Thanks to our awesome new feature tool called List Clean-Up Tool, you can do just that! To effectively weed out the inactive subscribers from your Smart mailer lists, please follow these easy instructions on how to use this powerful tool:


            1. Open the list clean-up tool which you can find in  Smart Mailer under List Manager: 



            2. Select the action that you want to perform on the inactive users: You can either move or delete.

            3. Then choose the subscribers who would be affected by the action you have set up. We covered all types of inactivity, such as:

            - Not opened or clicked

            - Not opened, not clicked

            - Are not associated with any list

            - Are unconfrimed

            - Have no recorded activity at all

            - Bounced emails
            - Spam complaints
            - Unsubscribed
            - Bounce + Spam + Unsubscribed


            IMPORTANT NOTE: Please bear in mind that deleting is permanent, so our suggestion would be to create another list (name it Inactive users for example) and store your subscribers there just in case of potential returns.  


            4. Select the particular ''since'' the date to give a trigger command to the list cleaner. 

            Note: We recommend somewhere between five to six months after opt-in, but it is entirely up to your choosing. 



            5. Finally, select the list that you would like to perform the cleaning on and press the Clean List button to save, and you are all set!

            Updated: 16 Feb 2019 01:08 AM
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