How can I sell Physical products through Kyvio?

            For those do not wish to sell any kind of products, you are now able to do so through Kyvio. 

            Note: This setup is quite technical and will most likely require a developers from your side

            First, you must access the Smart Membership module:

            2. Then, either choose to add a new product or to edit an existing one

            3. While staying on the "Step 1: Basic info" tab, click on the drop down menu for the Product Type bar, and select " webhook"

            4. From here the "Step 5: Contents" option on your screen will change into "Step 5:webhook", where you will proceed to click and access this area

            5. While on "Step 5:Webhook" you will have to generate a Secret key for your webhook, as well as paste your Webhook URL. This is the URL we're you would want Kyvio to send all of the information related to the product upon purchase.
            And below that,  you have an option to test your webhook, to view the Webhook log so far, and to see if your site is responsive ( the site you are using for your webhook)
            Finally, do not forget to click on the "update product" button at the bottom right corner of the screen

            Updated: 12 Sep 2019 04:26 AM
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