How can I see my Funnel reports and statistics?

            You can see your funnel reports and statistics by first going to the Smart Funnel option on your dashboard and from here simply click on Reports and statistics.

            1. From the overview, you can see you funnel Statistics
            2. You can set them to show for the last 7/30 days
            3. And from here you will be able to see the number of clicks you have generated from your Funnel, sales, leads, revenue etc. 

            The next feature will show Visitors by location
            4. From here you will be able to see your funnels visitors by Country, City, Continent, 

            The Visitors by device tab will allow you to see:
            5. From what type of device, Model, Platform, and Bowser are people going through my Funnel Pages.

            6. The visitor log will allow you to track people who have clicked on your pages by their: Ip address, County/City, Device, Language they are using on their device and from where they were Referred from.

            7. The last feature of the Reports and statistics tab will display from where you are getting your traffic e.g. Search Engines, Social media, from referrals or from an Email link directing to your pages.

            Updated: 21 Feb 2018 07:53 PM
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