How can I generate DKIM data in Kyvio to set it in my DNS ( important when using a Third Party SMTP )

            You can now generate DKIM data in Kyvio to set the data in your DNS, plus we provide you with the values needed for SPF entry in your DNS.

            Why do this? It helps your email deliverability significantly!

            In order to access these values you must have a third party SMTP integrated ( that means no sendgrid, no sendpulse and no Sparkpost)

            After you have done so, go under Smart Mailer

            Click on SMTP Setup and Enable the DKIM settings available bellow:

            After that click to view the instructions:

            And add the following DKIM and SPF records within your DNS 

            We also provide the availability to download your public and private cryptographic keys that belong to your domain. 

            Updated: 04 Sep 2019 07:09 PM
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