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            How do I embed Google maps on my Kyvio page?

            There are two ways of doing this,

            This first one is by using Google API

            The first thing you have to do is log into your existing Google account, or if you do not have one you will have to create it in order for this to work.

            After you have done so, log into your google account and go here, once you are inside of the developer's console for google you will have to create a project, as shown on the picture. After you have created your project it is time to enable APIS, click on that button as well.

            After that, you will need to select the google maps javascript API and click on "enable" 

            After your API has been enabled you will need to create credentials for that API. In order to do that follow the steps below 

            Now that we have our API key we need the rest of our components, and that is the Javascript code. We can locate the code on google very own tutorials HERE, we may copy the code that is presented here to use in our Kyvio pages.

            Now that we have all of our needed components, it is time to put them on our Kyvio page. You can go to any page inside your funnels or create a new one. And through the Elements, you will need to drag and drop an HTML element on your page where you want your google map to be placed. 

            Once you have pasted the Javascript code inside, it is time to paste your API key that we have created beforehand within it.

            Copy your key and paste it into your code here, and do not forget to click on the SAVE button on your page! 

            After that, simply click on preview for your page, and your google maps HTML script should work perfectly! 
            And now if you want to place a red marker on the whereabouts of your company follow the instruction shown by Google developers here: 

            The second way of doing this is actually easier.

            First what you will have to do, is locate your business on google maps:

            1. You need to find your location so that the read pointer is at your location e.g. "your address"
            2.You will need to click on the "Share" button for that location
            3. Click on "Insert map" so that your Iframe code will show up
            4. When your code shows up, simply copy so you can paste it on your Kyvio page.

            You can paste your code into your Kyvio page through this guide:

            Note: The idea for this article is credited to our fellow Kyvian Michael Pauli and Heriberto Mortarell.
            Here is Michaels video concept on connecting your Kyvio page with Google maps API:

            Updated: 08 Mar 2018 07:47 AM
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