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            How can I create multiple variation of my page?

            In order to do so, you must first click on the "general settings" for the page you wish to add variations to:

            Next, go under " Split testing " , and add as many duplicate variations of the page as you wish:

            Once you add a new variation, it's weight will always be pre-set to 0% so that you would be able to split the % of the split testing to your wishes 

            1. The combined weight of all variations cannot exceed 100% regardless of the number of variations, the total % of weight will not go higher then 100%.
            ( what the weight % means is that, when ever someone opens your page that has multiple variations, he will have a set percentage on which page will be presented to him
            2. These are the individual clicks/ conversions/ conv. rates/ as well as the Revenue generated per specific page
            3. Here you can see if the page is active or paused, and the status "paused" is only present when the page has 0% weight
            4. From here you can edit your variation, pause / publish it and of course delete it altogether.

            Finally, you can also switch between page variations and edit them + create new ones all while you are inside the page using the visual editor:

            Updated: 04 Jul 2019 04:23 AM
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