How can I add my own custom CSS/Java script in my membership site?

            You can add your own CSS/JS script to your Kyvio membership site by following these simple steps 

            Go to Smart Memberships on your dashboard,

            After that simply click on Visit Membership to open the editing window for your membership.

            While you are inside your membership, click on the blue cog wheel to open up the settings for your membership 

            From here, there are two places where you can place your code

            a) The first one is inside the Header

            b) and the second location is in the Footer 

            Note: Your custom CSS code works best in the Header and JavaScript works best, once placed in the Footer. These are the best settings for your loading speed and overall optimization for the page

            There is a free code that a fellow Kyvian Clemens provided for free, for our users to use! See attachment below 

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            Updated: 20 Jun 2018 06:19 PM
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