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            Can I personalize or connect tracking with a 3rd party systems with the purchase date of my clients ?

            Yes you can, in Kyvio we provide this date on the Custom Thank you page of each of your products.
            this is the back end data we provide on your products thank you page:

            But before we do that, we must first setup a custom thank you page within your product.
            So, go to your Smart Membership:

            Click to edit the specific product you have in mind:

            Stay on step 1, and add your custom thank you page ( you can copy and paste one of your Kyvio thank you pages here, full URL is needed)

            Once you have done so, when someone has purchased any pricing point of the product you have set, the following information will be provided by our system on the connected thank you page:

            This data will be displayed as following:

            Now, how you wish to use this data is up to you. You can add your own 3rd party tracking code within the thank you page you have set within the scripts options of the page:

            Updated: 09 Sep 2019 07:30 PM
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