Can I import or export subscribers from Kyvio to my other email responder?

            Yes, there is an option to either import or export your subscriber lists. You can both import to Kyvio and export to external autoresponders. Just follow these simple steps:

            1. Go to Smart Mailer then click on Subscribers which should take you to your subscribers



            2. From here you should be able to get the option to export subscribers through CSV file or Add Subscribers


            3. If you choose to export, a CSV file containing all of your listings will be generated on your browser.

            4. If you choose to Add subscribers you can choose from one of the options.

            - You can manually add subscribers
            - You can import them via CSV or .txt file
            - Or you can choose the 3rd party integration import
            Updated: 16 Feb 2019 01:21 AM
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