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Clean your list with Mailvio

List Cleaning One of the most damaging aspects of email marketing is sending to email addresses that are not "valid". If you send an email to an invalid address, your reputation as a sender will be quite badly affected and this will quickly see you hitting the junk mailbox, or even worse, not being

Add subscribers by importing a spreadsheet

Importing Subscribers from a Spreadsheet The easiest way to import subscribers, along with their details (First Name, Last Name, etc) is via a spreadsheet import. You simply upload your spreadsheet, choose what happens to the columns of data, and your subscribers are imported in a flash. If you only

What are role based email addresses

Role-Based Emails Role-based emails are email addresses like "abuse@" and "postmaster@". Email addresses that are generally used by a system, or a group of users. We have found that role-based are often the cause of high bounce rates and abuse reports and therefore we do block them when you try to

How to add a group in Mailvio

Adding a new Group Groups are used to contain and organize subscribers. You can only add subscribers once you have added at least one group.  Adding a new group is very simple. Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel. Step 2: Once logged in to the

Add subscribers- one by one

Adding Subscribers One By One   If you only have a few subscribers to add, adding a subscriber one by one is a great way to add to your group quickly. (If you have a lot of subscribers, try importing from a spreadsheet or copy and pasting to speed things up). Here's how to add a single subscriber to

How to add your subscribers in Mailvio

    Step 1: Go to the subscriber tab. Click “Add a new group”.    Step 2: Fill in all the fields required. Create your group & friendly name (both should be specific). Then after that, click the “add new group” button below.   Step 3: After clicking it, you’ll be routed to the page where you see al

Add subscribers- copy and paste

Adding Subscribers from Copy & Paste     A really easy way to add lots of subscribers is by simply copying and pasting their details into the system. The copy and paste tool allows you to do just that. You can copy and paste pretty much anything. The tool automatically scans the text for email addre