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How to import a funnel?

    A tutorial on how to import a funnel into the Smart Funnels System   1. To start, click on "New Funnel" located at the top right part of the page. You can then see the options that you can choose for the funnel type.     2. Select "Import Funnel" 3. Click "Next"     4. You will have the option t

How to create a new Funnel with Smart Funnels

                                 A walkthrough of how to create a funnel using Smart Funnels.    First of all click on + New Funnel on the top right.        And when you do then you have the option to either choose the following:        Sales Funnel Combination of Presell, Upsell, Downsell, Thank yo

What we call a Funnel?

* For those who prefer video format - please click here.     What is a website?   Hyperlinked pages of information where a person goes out to seek information and consumes it and goes away     What is an eCommerce site?   A site with a catalog of products instead of information and the ability to pu

How to share smart funnel?

    A walkthrough of all on how you can share your funnels with others who may or may not have Funnelvio or Kyvio. And how you can as make money on the process.    Go to Smart Funnels and select the funnel you want to share, then click on the Share button.                                            

How to add a check out page to funnel?

Please see the steps below on how to manually create a checkout page for your funnel. This is especially important for imported funnels since it does not have pre-selected templates.  From inside your funnel, click on "Add Page" on the top right corner, and from there you can create the checkout pag