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Turn ON/OFF the Discussion feature?

You can now turn ON/OFF the option for your members to make comments/questions / discuss lesson content (per product). People can like comments, people can submit comments as private, as admin you can change comments to private and you can delete comments. 1. To do this, you have to first enable Les

What is 1-Click Upsell Feature in Smart Memberships?

The 1-click upsell feature gives power to your customer to make multiple purchases within the same funnel without the need to input their credit card information over and over again. There is no longer a need to put in their info after they've made a successful purchase as the system will keep the i

Cross-sell feature in Smart Products

We have added the feature of Cross-selling (or bump offer) where you can offer a last-minute upgrade / additional offer with the simple checkbox on the checkout page. This is currently only supported for Kyvio checkout with the Stripe payment platform. To enable this, please use the steps below to a