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How to add your domain in Mailvio

Adding your own Domains Using your own domains when sending emails is a great way to both improve deliverability, and look more professional at the same time. There are three types of domains that are used when sending an email...   Email Domains By email domains, we mean the domain that the email

Verify sender's email

          Verify Sender  Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”             Step 2: From there, click the “my domains” and then click “add & verify domain” and when you click that you need to verify first your domain so just add your email address and click continue.       St

Authentication of a sender in Namecheap

  Step 1: Click on the profile name and go to “Company Profile”.     Step 2: Click on “My Domains” and from there, you’ll see “authenticate” instead of verified. Click “authenticate”.     Step 3: It will ask you to add DNS records to your hosting provider. Copy the CName.   Note: For Godaddy, Namec

Add and Authenticate CDN domains in Mailvio

How to Add and Authenticate a CDN Domain Adding and authenticating your own CDN domains means that images hosted in your emails will use your own domain rather than one of our shared domains. This can allow for better inboxing if one of our shared domains rarely gets blocked due to another customer

White label your tracking links

    Step 1: Click on your profile name and go to “company profile”   Step 2: Click on “Add & Verify Tracking Domain” and just simply add your subdomain on the field shown   Step 3: Copy the Cname record you need to add to your DNS records.   Step 4: Go to your hosting provider and paste that Cname.

Authentication of a sender in GoDaddy

  Authenticate a Sender - GoDaddy   Step 1: Have an actual email for that domain or have a forwarder setup. Step 2: Once you have that, go to your profile name then click the company profile.     Step 3: Click on “My Domains” tab and you’ll see options to verify the domain.      Step 4: Click on “A