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How to add an email template in Mailvio

Adding a new Template Before you can send an email, the second thing you need after subscribers is a great-looking template.  Here's how you add your first Email Template... Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel. Step 2: Once logged in to the MA

Everything about Merge Tags

Merge Tags Merge tags are extremely useful snippets of code that you can insert into your email body and subject lines to insert personalization. For example. you have a custom field called "First Name"  and you would like to insert each customer's first name into the emails as they go out. Merge t

Add a WYSIWYG template

Adding a Wysiwyg Template If you are looking to design a "traditional" style email then drag and drop editor may not be the easiest solution.  Introducing the Wysiwyg editor. A Microsoft Word style editor that enables you to construct basic email templates more traditionally. Here's how to create y

File manager in Mailvio

The File Manager The File Manager provides you with the ability to upload, manage and categorize images and documents for use in your templates. You can access the file manager when editing any template, or if your visit the TEMPLATES area there is a button to open it towards the top of the page. Q

Create and send polls with Mailvio

Creating and sending your first Poll Step 1: Before you begin, you must make sure you are logged in to the MAILVIO control panel.   Step 2: Once logged in to the MAILVIO control panel, click the "TEMPLATES" tab at the top of the screen.   Step 3: On this page, you can see and manage any templates yo

Other ways to add an email template

Other ways to Add a Template There are three main ways to add a template: Drag and Drop Editor             Drag and drop EditorSelect a pre-made theme, or design your own from scratch using our unique, super user-friendly, drag and drop email editor Wysiwg Editor              Want a more "tradition

Add a HTML email template

Adding a Template from HTML So you already know all about designing great email templates using your own software? Or you've obtained an HTML template that you would like to pop into the system? No problem! You can then use the "From Code" option to add your template to the system. You can even mak

Add a drag and drop email template

Adding a Drag and Drop Template Anybody can create beautiful, mobile-friendly email templates thanks to the drag and drop editor, with no technical experience necessary. You can simply drag blocks of content onto your email, move them around, edit them by simply clicking what you want to change, an

Convert your HTML template to drag and drop email template

Converting HTML to Drag and Drop Wouldn't it be amazing if you could create an HTML template, upload it to MAILVIO and it automatically becomes easily editable in our Drag and Drop Interface? We'll this is actually possible very easily. Simply add a special tag to any element that you would like to