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Smart Funnels Editor -Blocks

On this page 1. Access the Blocks Element 2. Choosing and placing the selected blocks 3. Editing the block A Video Walkthrough: The Blocks Element   In this tutorial we'll show you how to use the Blocks Element in the builder.       1. Access the Blocks Element   1.1 You can access the Blocks Elemen

Smart Funnels Editor -Skype

    A walkthrough on how to use the Skype element in Funnelvio.    First, click on the + on the top left of your builder page, then select the Advanced from the list.         Then from the list, click Skype Im Online or select the Add button.      After adding the element to your funnel page, you c

Smart Funnels Editor -Top Menu

    A walkthrough of all of the elements on the page and what they represent.    When you first land on the page, the top left (Page Icon) shows all the pages in your funnel. You can select one and edit it as you see fit.        Next is a feature that allows you to set up either Auto Layout so that