GoToWebinar integration
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Created by Sabin Timsina on 12/9/2021 9:14 AM
Updated by Sabin Timsina on 12/9/2021 10:18 AM
If you want to integrate Kyvio 2 with GoToWebinar please do the following steps:
1Go to the Integration page and click on the New Integration button:
2.  Choose a name for the integration and select GoToWebinar as a provider:
3After choosing GoToWebinar from the list, the next step is to authorize this provider
4It will now take you to the GoToWebinar login page. Please log in using your own account:
5After logging in, you will see the authorization form from Kyvio. Please click on the ‘Allow’ button:
6After saving the integration, our system will automatically test and activate it. This will complete the Integration set-up