Welcome to the world of Kyvio
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Created by Sabin Timsina on 12/9/2021 6:28 AM
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Team Kyvio welcomes you.

Let's go for a quick walk-through to know more about Kyvio.



Here are the steps we recommend to start your journey with Kyvio-

First thing first- Account Settings (strongly recommended)

Integrations (Optional- depends on you)- Integrate 3rd party applications with Kyvio

Media Manager- Upload the media you might need for your funnels, products and membership sites so you can have a quick access while creating your stuff here in Kyvio

Team manager (optional) - delegate tasks to your team members so you can have some spare time to work upon other things you like

Add your products - add your smart products and get ready to sell them

Design a smart funnelSet the flow of your funnels as you want to convert visitors into potential customers

Create smart membership site -build and manage your membership sites

workshop.jpg          Account Settings.png             Integration.jpg


          Kyvio Workshops                                 Kyvio Account Settings                             Integrations


Smart Funnels.png                 Membership sites.jpg            Digital products.webp


          Smart Kyvio Funnels                        Smart Memberships                          Smart Products



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