Kyvio Warp Engine using HTTP/2 Push Technology
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Created by Marvin on 8/3/2021 11:48 PM
Updated by Marvin on 8/4/2021 8:51 AM

At Kyvio, our dream is to provide the best software solutions for entrepreneurs to grow their businesses online. However, we admit that it wasn't a small task for developers to make the web pages faster and more stable as it is today.

The internet is a prominent place, and there are many places to load information from. But, unfortunately, a website can load content from all kinds of different servers - which means that sometimes it takes much longer than necessary for the page to load.

Kyvio pages were already very fast - but we made it even faster by implementing a new technology called HTTP/2 Push Technology. Even for super large sales pages, we are now getting 1.3 seconds to interactive load times (means the page looks all good and is ready for interaction with the visitor). We have 1 more round of speed optimizations to go (putting the dots on the i’s) and once that is done we are confident we will be the fastest page load funnel builder, membership site builder, and site builder in the world! As a nice extra our CLS (some new SEO factor for Google) is 0 (which is the best possible score).

To see Kyvio Warp Engine in action - please click here


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